Testimonials from flash photography course students

Thanks for opening my eyes to flash! I was desperate for a no-nonsense flash photography course and you didn’t disappoint – thank you. I really appreciated you relating your experience of setting yourself up in photography and it was really good to get your guidance on that – Andy Jones, Cardiff

Just to thank you for a very indulgent morning’s flash photography course yesterday discussing photography kit and techniques.  Much to my surprise I did not come away with a long shopping list, but rather lots of food for thought.   I thoroughly enjoyed the morning, and really appreciate your taking the time to impart some of your technical knowledge to a luddite –

I just wanted to let you know that I viewed yesterday’s meeting as a life-changing event. I found the discursive element to be the most beneficial to me and your personal honesty was greatly appreciated- I believe in myself SO much more!…Martin, MaidenheadEddie, Kingston

The photographic lighting training on the flash photography course I received from Angus was invaluable. He is an approachable and superb teacher. I can now utilise these skills in my own practice. Thanks Angus – Suzy Prior, Witney

Thanks so much for yesterdays flash photography course – definitely uncharted territory for me but you explained it all so well and I learned so much. So thank you! Angus, you are an absolute legend!  – Gill T, Reading

Thank you so much for todays flash photography course, it was amazing and I got so much from it and can’t wait to now have a go at delivering the pictures I have in my head, not just working with what I manage to scrape together – Kayla S, Mortimer

A million thank yous for yesterday’s flash photography course – we both thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to put all the info into practice. In fact, we had a last minute change of holiday plans and now, instead of going to New York, we are off to Kenya instead – couldn’t resist the thought of sitting in the bush taking pictures and experimenting with all the new information buzzing in our brains! Will let you know how we get on….. – Alison D, Oxfordshire

We really enjoyed our one to one session at The Mall Tavern with you and Andy – what a great venue. We can now balance ambient with flash and the work we did on framing has been put to great use already. We will be back! – Sean & Emma-Jane Williams, Northolt

Another great session I really enjoyed the flash photography course and found it very informative. The only down side was that it went so quick! I think another hour or two of going out taking photos would have been beneficial and I would of happily paid more for that. I will be signing up for a Speedlighters Live session. – Matt Crew, Matt Crew Photography

We both enjoyed yesterdays One to One small flash session and found the day very useful – we will be booking another session to do a One to One Speedlighters Live shoot with you – Tracy Eyles, Kings Lynn

I enjoyed our session including (or especially) the make-do with the Pocket Wizard/light stand we had to do! It was very helpful to spend time with someone who does this for real. Thank you for being so generous with your insights and trade secrets, and letting me glimpse into the ‘magic circle’! – Gary James – Lincoln

Many, many thanks for today – it was really nice to meet you – I was extremely pleased with our  one to one flash photography course and left feeling much more confident and prepared for future shoots – thanks to a process I can use and adjust accordingly – amongst other really useful practical information I gained on the day – Dot Ward, London

Thank you for yesterdays flash photography course,  I have been practicing and I think I have sorted out the aperture, still bit weary of the shutter speed though. It was so much easier than the other courses, not just because it was one on one, but because you actually showed me what my camera can do! It becomes so much clearer when you understand your own camera – Jane C, Berkshire

I just read an online tutorial of yours on Squidoo for taking strobist style portraiture shots out doors. It was the most straightforward useful tutorial I have found in ages and as you say without all the mystery surrounding the subject – Patty Adams – Perth

I simply want to say thank you for yesterday’s flash photography course.  You have managed to break down off-camera flash for me into  manageable concepts, and have given me the building blocks, so I can  begin my own journey. Have been inspired/awed/scared in about equal measure but really  looking forward to trying out new techniques. Thank you again for your time, experience, knowledge and patience. Ian Legge, Ian Legge Photography

The one to one flash photography course was just fantastic – thank you. As we discussed I had been holding back from doing a one to one but it really was worth the money……. I had been scared of using my 580EXII for so long that when I needed it I kept my camera in auto mode. I am shooting fully manual now so there couldn’t be a better testimony than that really! James Trenter, Reading

The highlight of my day was seeing you being nearly arrested by the security guard in Pall Mall for “terrorist operations” – I really learned a lot from the morning and got some good shots of London to boot – bravo! Elaine Davey, Kingston

Great day thanks – I thought the presentation was good but getting to work it all through on the camera with you there was a brilliant way to learn. I have never been one for manuals which probably explains why I have been using the 5D MKII on program for so long but I actually opened the book up today and it all makes much more sense. We will be back for more! Lawrence Hall, Witney

I have been taking photographs since I was 16 but I  think learned more from our short time together than in all that time. The problem has always been not quite knowing the right question to ask or indeed who to ask. The exercise we did with exposure bracketing has opened up a whole now world to me of  high dynamic range images and now I understand  exposure compensation life will never been the same. I thought you put the information across in a really clear and practical way and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking to develop their understanding of photography.  David Rowlands  – Beaconsfield

I really enjoyed the one to one off camera flash session yesterday – I had never really got the ambient to flash ratio idea but like all things now I am the other side of the learning it feels ridiculously easy! I thought the day was fantastic and I am only sorry that I didn’t book sooner.  Antonio Ugo, London, SW6

Thanks for coming in and running a property photography course for the office managers; I certainly learned a lot and I know the staff found the session invaluable. The composition tips were useful, with some great examples. – David Tate, Davis Tate Estate Agents, Henley on Thames

Many thanks for an excellent afternoon. I have written up everything we talked about and, at least at this stage, I was able to decipher and understand what I had written. I feel as if a veil has been lifted! Margot Edmonds, Oxford

Thanks for the morning session yesterday Angus. I have  already practiced some of the off camera flash techniques with a single Speedlite shot through a white umbrella and the results are amazing – my unlit portraits now look just plain dull.  Alice James, Winchester

Just a very brief note of thanks for our day on Friday. It was fantastic to see everyone getting something from the day and to see a sparkling of real interest in the boys. I am also aware that Michelle will pick up the big camera more and hopefully develop her images further. I certainly came away with more understanding than I started. James Heather, Newbury

I found the flash photography course very interesting and it got me really hyped up about flash photography, it injected loads of enthusiasm and removed alot of fear! Neil Crook, Neil Crook Photography

I attended the Flash photography course in Witney in December and found it to be really helpful. I really appreciated the simple way in which you put the information over and I have now got a set of Pocket Wizzards on order. I am looking forward to attending the next location lighting course. John Muir, Wantage

I wanted to say how much we enjoyed the class you ran for the Book Club last week. We all learned so much about our digital compacts and I for one will not be using program mode again. We are going to organise a group of gap year teens for you so watch out. Rosie Hutton, Reading

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent one to one training session with you – it really is a fabulous way to learn. Although I have read the camera manual and many, many photography books there is nothing like having a pro by your side to show you precisely what to do.  As I said to you on the day you were very patient with me – I only wish the grandchildren were so calm and collected! Ivor James, Devizes

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