15 Dec 2011

Steel Panther Ate My Camera – Concert Photography

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Concert photography – they didn’t really but the most fun you can have dressed and with camera in hand is shooting Steel Panther – I wont even try and bluff you by calling it work – what an awesome show they put on at Wembley last night. Full technical blog entry next week but for now a couple of images to whet the appetite.

steel panther, concert photography


steel panther, concert photography, speedlighters


By contrast Motley Crue only allowed shooting from the lighting desk – way back and even then you had to sign a contract and even then you had to sign away your copyright. Did I shoot Motley Crue – nope.  However 12,000 other people did in HD on their iPhone. Seems a bit crued to me.  Off to shoot banking portraits for some sanity now – concert photography on the back burner for a while.

If you want to see a review of the gig check out this from The Telegraph Parody metal band Steel Panther resemble a rockier, much sleazier Darkness with the humour of Spinal Tap. The lyrics and between-song gags are as blue as they come and gleefully send up the fast-living lifestyles of bands such as… well… Mötley Crüe mostly. Every inch of them is daft (their song titles include 17 Girls in a Row and Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’) and the joke would soon wear thin but for the fact that the band are genuinely talented and here proved that they could play along with the big boys.

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