About Speedlighters flash photography courses

My journey to starting flash photography courses

Searching for Answers…

When I first started getting serious about my photography I was hungry for information. Sure I had books but I don’t learn well in a linear way – too much like school and I wasn’t great at that! Then there was the internet but where do you start to get answers if you don’t really understand what the question is? I knew a little bit about my camera but I didn’t know how to shoot in Manual and I certainly didn’t know how to tame my flash. My solution was to search for someone who I could fire a random series of questions at – questions which had been buzzing around my head for years:-

  • How can I get more creative with my photography?
  • How can I control depth of field?
  • How does on camera flash work & how can I use my speedlight/speedlite without blowing out all of the ambient light?
  • How can I control my flash off camera?
  • How does flash work and what is a sync speed?
  • General flash photography tips

Camera Clubs & Night School Courses In Photography Are BORING!

I searched the internet for hours for Nikon photography courses or Canon photography courses but mostly what I found was people teaching in their spare time or boring, drawn out photography courses at night school or in photography clubs. Firstly I don’t have the time or the energy or the life that will permit me to give eight Wednesday nights to learning at a snails pace something which can be learned in an hour on One to One  tuition – I would rather eat my own elbow. Secondly Camera Clubs are the antithesis of creativity – its all jargon, exclusivity and gear designed to separate those in the know from those that are not – ME!

Eventually I found an old timer in a  London studio who offered One to One Photography tuition – I then spent 7 hours with him on his sofa blasting him with questions and soaking up the answers. It was the best investment I ever made – I didn’t leave with all the answers but I sure left with the right questions to ask in the future and enough knowledge to go home and practice. I was able to absorb enough to enable me to formulate the right questions and therefore use my own resources to find the answers.

The Answer Becomes the Question

When I was searching the internet I was after flash photography tips, flash photography tutorials, camera flash tutorials, how to use external flash – anything that would show me how to take control of my flash but nothing really made sense until I had someone sit down and show me precisely how to do it on some kind of flash photography course. With this background, and with a successful photography business now established  I now set out to create a business dedicated to teaching digital photography courses & flash photography courses and Speedlighters is the result. My passion is flash photography – whether with speedlights, speedlites, flash heads, strobes whatever  – I love teaching photographers how to light with flash and there is nothing better than the moment a student “gets it”.

Why Speedlighters?

Canon make Speedlites and Nikon make Speedlights and I use them both so I guess that makes me a Speedlighter! I actually shoot Canon but I am not a Gear Head – within reason a flash is a flash (or if you are from the other side of the Pond a strobe is a strobe) – the only two things I need to know is how is my camera going to talk to the flash head and how am I going to control the light from the flash. Forget all the seductive mind games from Profoto and Bowens – they are there for one reason and one reason only – to sell you stuff! My motto – KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Mix and match by all means  use Speedlites, Profoto, and Quantum heads all in the one set up but don’t let the gear come before the idea. You need light – the viewer doesnt care – its not even in their contemplation – to ask themselves how the light was generated.

Our Digital Photography Courses

Our courses are fun, intensive, humorous, packed, educational, practical but most of all they are inspiring and you will leave with a thirst to learn more. Don’t just snap it and leave the results to chance – create it!

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