Small Flash Location Lighting

Occasionally we run location lighting courses and workshops aimed at the small flash photographer. Any dates in the dairy will be advertised on this page.

The small flash location lighting course  offers to unravel the mystery of small flash lighting and flash photography whether with Nikon Speedlights, Canon Speedlites, Quantum  QFlash or indeed with any other form of strobed or flash light source. We take you through the equipment required, the theory and get practical with a live shoot where you get to use a radio trigger set up on your own camera. We will cover both on camera flash and off camera flash, manual and TTL modes, high speed sync, 1st & 2nd curtain sync,  flash exposure compensation and a whole host more.

The course is aimed at digital slr photographers who want to learn how to use off camera portable flash and small flash to create well lit images under any lighting circumstances. The knowledge gained on this location lighting course will set you apart from those photographers who fear flash photography and are restricted to using ambient light or studio set ups.

The location lighting course is suitable for anyone looking to take location/environmental portrait shots, anyone looking to work professionally as a portrait photographer or in-house photographers looking to improve their corporate portrait photography. The groups are small and fun and we aim to enthuse and excite you. This digital flash photography course is always heavily subscribed so early booking is recommended.

Speedlighters photography courses – like photography school only more fun


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