08 May 2013

Paul Lindley sells Ellas Kitchen

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I am so made up for Paul Lindley of Ellas Kitchen – his kids food start-up has now been acquired by Hain Celestial Group of the US. He has a great story which you can read here but it does show that if you have a simple idea (baby food on the go) and market it well you can do anything. Whats more he struck me as being a thoroughly nice guy.

I shot Paul as the first in an ongoing series of profile features in The Business Magazine in October 2011. They were all single light portraits shot through a white umbrella. I always seem to travel with a ton of kit now but rarely get more than one light out of the bag. This is partly because I don’t get time but mostly because of the mantra:-

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

The more kit the more confusion. I am not a kit fan – more kit leads only to more expense and yet more kit. In theory you could get the kit I used on this shoot into one small shoulder bag  but inevitably I turned up fully laden. When people come to learn flash photography with me they are often surprised to learn that in fact 90% of all my portrait work is shot with a single Speedlite.


I shot these on a 5D MK II using and off camera Canon Speedlite 580 EX MK I mounted on a Manfrotto Nano Stand. I have treated each with my own Photoshop filter I call JoeyL – its a combination of layers including a black & white one and “soft-light” one in differing diffusions – gives a silvery look. There are lots of other images from the shoot here but these two are my favorites.


I also shot Paul at a roundtable event recently and got this action shot – I think he looks quite Steve Jobs like – maybe he’s headed on the same direction. Lets hope so because he’s worked damned hard for it.



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