21 Sep 2012

iPhone photography improvisation

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Its been a while since I posted on Speedlighters. Largely due to everything that has been going on in the world – getting married, Olympics etc – but also because I have been phenomenally busy with teaching one to one flash courses and commercial portrait photography.What prompted me to pen a quick line on iPhone photography was seeing the most amazing improvised iPhone holder at Design Junction this week. I was covering the event for a furniture client and the press day was full of students. This one was making a movie on his iPhone and being a student had to improvise the iPhone head for his tripod.

iPhone-clamp_iPhone photography

I mean its a solution of sorts but don’t do that on my iPhone. By the way I just discovered I have 9 months to wait on an upgrade to the iPhone 5 so I am going to have to wait to sample that awesome camera. Enjoying my new iPhone software upgrade to IOS6 today but Maps is just dire – smacks of Microsoft policy to chuck something out and replace it with your own, but infinitely inferior, application.

Finally I am obsessing about a Canon 1DX and have now made the decision to upgrade a 5DMK II bodies for one. The reason – low light photography at rock concerts and shooting sports primarily. Did you see the size of that screen – 3.2inch – can’t wait.


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