One to One Flash Photography Courses

Our one to one flash photography courses are the best way to learn digital & flash photography. The one to one flash photography course offers great value for money – instruction on your own camera with a professional photographer by your side is a highly effective way to master flash and digital photography.

We personalise each session to your specific needs whether you want to learn the basics of on camera flash photography or  how to set up  complex multi-flash Speedlite shoots. We are always amazed at how many photographers want to start on multi flash head set ups before they really understand how on-camera flash works. We can tailor a  specialist strobist style course to your specific needs and if you don’t yet have all of the equipment yet we can bring a full portable studio with us.  In addition to Canon we also use Bowens and Quantum flash systems but as you will discover light is light no matter whose badge it has on the tube so the brand of flash is really not important. What is important is understanding how flash works and how its balanced with ambient light.

Occasionally we run One to One Live shoots where we take you through a shoot from start to finish with a live model on location – ideal if you are thinking of turning pro. Its also a great way to practice if you have a big event on the horizon or want to test your nerve in a safe and supportive environment.

The one to one flash photography courses really take the form of a three hour discussion about flash photography and the photography business. There is no set agenda and the instruction is led by the needs of the student. Angus has many years of social and corporate photography experience and the aim is to relate what is relevant from that experience to the students own situation so that they can go on and develop their own successful photography business.

Depending on your specific needs we also provide a portfolio critique and give guidance and advice on your framing and composition. In any event we usually ask you to prepare a selection of your top 20 images to give us an idea of your ability at the start of the session. We are also able to advise on digital workflow and output.

Our One to One flash photography courses are suitable for all ages and can be held pretty much anywhere you chose. It is preferable that the student has at least a basic understanding of shutter speed and aperture. Because each session is tailored to your needs no two sessions are ever the same.

We hold the One to One flash photography courses in a variety of locations. We can teach from your office or home or indeed from our offices in RG8 – because of the nature of the teaching we teach from anywhere. In London we teach from the upstairs private room at the glorious Mall Tavern in Notting Hill (at an extra cost) or we can base ourselves in a cafe for the first part of the session and then take to the streets to put it all into practice. This is great if you want to build up your confidence of shooting environmental portraits and offers a wider variety of shooting environments for basic digital photography students. The advantage of the Mall Tavern is that we have a wonderful balcony so that we can shoot in or outdoors regardless of the weather – it is particularly suited to students wanting to learn multiple flash set ups.

The cost of our One to One flash photography courses and telephone and email follow up support is as follows:-

  • Based at the Mall Tavern, London W10  £450 for a half day to include all refreshments and room hire (for which we are charged)
  • Based in cafes and on the street in West and Central London £300
  • Based at our premises (most popular) – £300 for a half day (3 intense hours)
  • Based at a location of your choice £300 plus travel to be agreed.

If you would like to book  one to one flash photography courses then please email us for available dates preferably giving some suggestions as to when you might be free and where you want to base the session. Please note that sessions must be paid in full in advance to secure the booking.

Flash Photography Courses from Speedlighters – like photography school only more fun