29 Oct 2014

Coporate portraits, Getty and events

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I cant believe how time flies by so fast. Amazing. Since the last update I have been signed to Getty (Celebrity and Entertainment) and shooting for some great corporate clients – mainly events and editorial. I haven’t manged to do as much teaching as I would like but the photographers I have worked with have been fantastically rewarding.

Away from the more exciting set-piece assignments I am still shooting portraits for the Business Magazine on a monthly basis. I love this one of Jan Award from Corrotherm in Southampton.


This was a single speedlite shot through a white umbrella. The warehouse bay doors were open on the left. The next image was shot against my favorite background of a sea container – they look better when they are weathered and really look good with a lot of contrast in post.


I dropped the logo in afterwards and set the blend to Overlay. Another example is this one of Sandra Sassow of SAeB in Winchester – this was a great background and worked well with the green nature of her business.


I get to meet a lot of photographers now on the circuit and it never ceases to amaze me how poor peoples flash skills are even at the more professional end of the scale. How many press scrums do you see on telly where 50% of the photographers have stofens on with their flashheads aimed at the sky. Weird.

We have some big awards events coming up so I will be posting some of the images and an overview of the workflow in due course. In the meantime happy flashing!


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