About Angus Thomas – Flash Photography

I love flash photography and specialise in lit environmental portraits and events – you can check out my work at www.angusthomas.com & www.angusthomascorporate.com. I am a Getty photographer and shoot for clients such as VW, Land Rover, Barclays, Honda, Mitsui, BioGen, Jaguar and Warner Music. I  work throughout London, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and South East England. I am passionate about passing on the gift of photography so I teach between shoots. I live for the moment when the student suddenly “gets” exposure compensation or how to balance ambient with flash. Its a gift.

When I first started getting serious about the business of flash photography I realised I needed to improve my technical knowledge. After an extensive trawl of the internet and a few phone calls I realised that the photography world is full or nerds – pretty much like any other sphere of life actually. People for whom gear comes before art. On this basis I set up Speedlighters to cater for those who are not gearheads but who are interested in how to get the best from the gear they already have.

I am very wedded to Canon as a brand of camera and their Speedlites using Pocket Wizards as my means of triggering. I shoot Canon 5D MKII’s in the main – these have proved to be the most reliable and robust of tools and the picture quality is stunning. As far as lights are concerned I don’t really have any bias – light is light and each light has its own quality – I don’t get suckered by the admen too much here. I use Speedlites extensively in my work on the road and in the studio – they’re great for sticking in wardrobes for product photography etc – have look at the first image here of a shoot we did for the Conran Shop.

On a personal level I am pretty middle of the road with subversive tendencies.  I have never worked for The Man and don’t do corporate speak. I am resident photographer and Creative Developer for The Business Magazine  – check out the Entrepreneur Profiles section for some of my work – I also built their websites (and many others) in WordPress. When I am editing I listen to classical (Arvo Part), Screamo Metal (Yashin), Heavy Rock (Alter Bridge) and Drum & Bass (London Elektricity) to name but a few. When I am looking for inspiration I read Charlotte Joko Beck and for quiet I head to Amaravati. For guidance in business I devour Seth Godin and read Stephen Pessfield daily – if you are serious about a career in the arts so should you. I am mad for diet and fitness and run, bike, scull and swim on #plantpower thakns to Rich Roll and have just completed my first triathlon.

I am passionate about flash photography (small flash/small strobe/studio flash) and have made it my mission to demystify the subject for any aspiring flash photographer  willing to listen long enough. I am also open minded enough to realise that I know but a little and am willing to learn from students, clients, photographers and anybody’s experience. My teaching style is informal and very hands on and will appeal to those whose toes curl at the thought of photography night classes or photography clubs. Yes learning flash photography can actually be fun!

Get in touch if you want to book a one to one – most people can’t admit they don’t know how on camera flash photography works and consequently rush into off-camera first.  We tailor the session for you to ensure you get the very best grounding to enable you to develop your flash skills with self-study and practice – yes I said PRACTICE!